'Ahadi' is the Swahili word for 'promise'.

Ahadi Kenya Trust is the founder of the Ant-jigger Campaign both in Kenya and other countries. We work in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Provincial Administration, Corporate bodies, NGO’s, Media and the Community.

Our Vision:
A promise for a better, healthier life.

Our Mission:
To create a better life for people, a promise to bridge the poverty gap by empowering poor communities.

Our Objective:
To halt and reverse the spread of jiggers (Tunga penetrans)

Our Values:

1. Professionalism: The Staff and volunteers engaged by Ahadi Kenya Trust acts at all times with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible.

2. Responsiveness: Ahadi Kenya Trust will advocate and influence the development of policy that will inform the management of jiggers in Kenya.

3. Diversity: Ahadi Kenya Trust embraces the diversity of all Kenyans. We believe that both men and women must be equitably and actively involved in decision making and problem solving in order for the community to thrive.

4. Partnership: Ahadi Kenya Trust will nurture and foster partnership with relevant stakeholders with a view to achieve its objectives.

5. Advocacy: Ahadi Kenya Trust will continue to create awareness and build capacity on pertinent issues towards our goal of bridging the poverty gap and enhancing the realization of jigger free society.

6. Financial Sustainability: Ahadi Kenya Trust believes that our work must never be challenged by lack of resources and therefore commits to sustainable financial and fundraising strategies.

Our Directors


For more information about us, click here to view the Ahadi Kenya Trust brochure (2020)


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