ACTIVITIES continued...

Gatundu South visit- 5th july 2008
(72 homesteads affected)
More than seventy homesteads in Gatundu constituency in Kiambu District are jigger infested. We visited some of the homes in the company of the District health officials. The officials complained lacking enough health personnel and medication to attend to the victims. Most of those affected are school going children. Ahadi Kenya promised to open a center to cater for the affected. Poverty and lack of proper hygiene is evidence in the affected homes.

One of the victims infested foot


Infested hands


Kiambaa visit-21st June 2008
(Center opening)
More than Fifty (50) children with jigger infestation from Kanunga village, Kiambaa in Kiambu District, were treated and supplied with foodstuffs and clothing by Ahadi Kenya in partnership with World Youth Alliance.  This was after Neema Springs O.V.C Programme Center that caters for needy children in the village invited Ahadi due to the high number of children with jiggers. The center will now serve as the information center for all those with jiggers in the area. Ahadi will continue with the supply of disinfectants and other sanitation materials to the center to help those affected.

One of the Kids's infested feet.
Children being washed at the center


Volunteers from World Youth Alliance presenting their donations to the center.

Masinga second visit-14th June 2008
(Construction of the toilet)

During our first visit to Masinga, we were very concerned by the state of the make shift toilet the family were using. We called on friends who supported on the construction of a toilet. Ahadi Kenya handed over the toilet to the family and urged them to maintain cleanliness at all times. They also promised to mobilize funds and build a decent house for the family.


Back view of a make shift toilet
Inside view of the make shift toilet


The outside view of the new toilet
Inside view

Public Health and Sanitation Minister's visit to Muranga-11th June 2008
(Country-wide anti-jigger campaign launch)

The minister for Public Health and Sanitation Hon. Beth Mugo visited Muranga District to assess jigger infestation in the area. She was accompanied by among others; Ahadi-Kenya, W.H.O, World Bank, UNICEF, Government Officials, Other Stakeholders and the area residents. During the visit she launched a country-wide anti-jigger campaign. She directed that there should be intensified efforts by the public health officers countrywide scaling the improvement of sanitation and hygiene. She recognized the good work done by the media and Ahadi Kenya in highlighting the menace. Ahadi Kenya officially handed the jigger menace report to the minister at the same function.

Hon. Beth Mugo (centre) receiving The Jigger Menace in Kenya report

Mathira Visit-8th June 2008
(Man Disabled)

A 52 year old man in Mathira Division, Nyeri District is totally disabled by jiggers. The man, who stays with his aged mother also attacked by jiggers, has not been able to move for the last 20 years. All his toes are completely eaten by the pests and you can hardly see any left. His fingers and the bottom are not spared either. There is clear evidence of neglect from both the family members and neighbours.  The saddest thing is that they were actually picked up to go and vote during last year general election but no one cared about them there after. The man is admitted at Karatina General Hospital and Ahadi Kenya is keenly following on his progress.

The man's disfigured leg


Ahadi Kenya Celebrating the victory

His backside infested by jiggers


Report launch - 30th May 2008
(The Jigger Menace in Kenya)

Ahadi Kenya in partnership with Center for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya) launched the jigger menace in Kenya report. The report, which is the first ever to be released in Kenya, contains the following:
1. About the Jigger;
2. Effects of Jigger infestation;
3. Study carried out in different parts of the country;
4. Activities being undertaken;
5. Expected impact;
6. Our partners.
7. Achievements for the last one year;

The Center for Multiparty Democracy highlighted the connection between politics and democratisation. It commended the report as the first ever serious document to highlight the plight this huge sector of our society that has been ignored, isolated and despised.

The report is informative, educative and even disturbing.

The Executive Director of CMD-Kenya, Njeri Kabeberi, is being presented with the Report by Ahadi Kenya directors.

Visit to Othaya- 24th May 2008
(Four hospitalized)

Two adult and two children are admitted at Othaya Sub District Hospital due to jigger infestation. When the Ahadi Kenya Team visited the victims they were still in bad conditions and still undergoing treatment. They later visited their homes where donations of disinfectants and sanitation equipments were handed over to their family members. Ahadi Kenya promised a follow up to make sure that the victims get healed and rehabilitated back to normal life.

The Anti-Jigger Ambassador Cecilia Mwangi holding one of the children hospitalized.


The child's infested feet.

Visit to Ministry of Education-16th May 2008
(Countrywide survey on infested students)

The ministry of Education is planning to carry out a survey to establish the number of jigger infested students. This was revealed by the assistant minister for education Hon. Prof. Patrick Ayiecho Olweny during a courtesy call by Ahadi Kenya Team led by the Anti-jigger ambassador Cecilia Mwangi. The Minister observed that jiggers are affecting learning in many schools in the country. He pledged support for the campaign and promised to visit the affected schools in less than a month.

Visit to Kiambu-10th May 2008
(Denial to medical attention)

A thirty (30) year old man was admitted at Kiambu District Hospital after Ahadi Kenya team and the police intervened. The man spends all his days locked by his parents in the house and denying him access to medication. He had all his body attacked by jiggers. The doctors at the hospital attributed his condition to neglect and poor hygiene.

The man's infested feet.


The man infested by jiggers being admitted at the Kiambu District hospital.

Masinga visit-1st may 2008
(Two year old girl dead)

A family of 17 in Yatta constituency in Masinga District is living under the mercy of jiggers which claimed a two-year-old girl's life. The family lives under very unhygienic conditions and severe poverty to an extent that they had to bury their daughter in a carton. The family hardly affords a meal a day.
 The make shift toilet which the family uses is a clear evidence of how the family lives. This is a disaster a waiting for the family whose both legs and hands are infested with jiggers since the kids can easily fall in the toilet.

Ahadi Kenya Trust donated food stuff and medication to the family. A pastor with Redeemed Gospel Church Rev Kioko was left to oversee the progress.

Deformed heals of a 3yr old boy





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