Visit to Gatundu South-21st December 2010
(Family Benefits with a house)

For a family of eleven in Gatundu South, this will be Christmas to remember because Ahadi Kenya and other well wishers constructed a house for them. Njoroge`s family had been living at the mercy of jiggers until Ahadi Kenya visited them. There was evidence of extreme poverty as the entire family used to live in a single room in a very pathetic state. The room served as the sitting room, kitchen and bedroom for all eleven members of the family. This prompted Ahadi Kenya to seek for funds to put up a house for them. The new house has four bedrooms. Poor living conditions are very common in most jigger infested families.



VSO Jitolee gala night, Panafric-10th December 2010
(Awarding corporate and individuals involved in voluntary activitied)

Miss World Kenya 2005 and the antijigger campaign ambassador Cecilia Mwangi was named the volunteer of the year as Ahadi Kenya was awarded as the Best organisation involving volunteers in east Africa. They were awarded during a gala nught hosted by VSO Jitolee, to fete the top individuals, corporate, learning institution and government agenicies involved in voluntaty activities across East Africa.

Campaign Ambassador Cecilia Mwangi, Ahadi CEO, Stanley Kamau and Miss World Kenya 2010 Natasha Metto holding the two awards they won.

Medical Camp, Kandara, Muranga County-4th Dec 2010
(All-Corporate jigger eradication Day 2010)

More than 2000 children benefited from corporate bodies during the annual all corporate jigger eradication day held in Mukerenju primary School, Kandara, Muranga County. More than 60 corporate bodies drawn from both Nairobi and Muranga joined in donating medication & sanitation materials, food & clothing and cash. Children who have recovered from last year's event were entertained with various games while those with jiggers were treated. Speaking during the event, several corporate representatives joined in those pushing for a Jigger Awareness Day, saying the problem is big and tackling it will require full government support.

Participants at the All Corporate Jigger Eradication Day
Corporate bodies taking part during the 2010 All Corporate Jigger Eradication Day
House of Manji
Pan Africa Life
Magnate Ventures
Eco Pencils
Emergency + Medical Services
Chase Bank
Charity Sweepstakes
Kenya Diary Board



Visit to Malindi, Coast Province-20th November 2010
(Coast MPs join anti-jigger campaign)

Fisheries minister, Hon. Amason Kingi, has challenged both the Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation and Medical Services for not doing enough the jigger menace in Kenya. He also added his voice to those calling on the government to set aside a jigger awareness day. Kingi was speaking when he joined Hon. Gedion Mung`aro at Uwanja Wa Shada, Malindi during a jigger awareness campaign sponsored by KCB and organized by Ahadi Kenya. Hon. Mung`aro said that many children in Malindi are jigger infested and this is highly affecting their education. He called on Kenyans to stop shying away from talking about jiggers as this will reduce the stigma associated with it.
During the campaign, more than 400 children were treated and fed. Others who attended the function were the campaign ambassador Cecilia Mwangi and the current Miss World Kenya, Natasha Metto. They called on all Kenyans to join the campaign.

Cecilia Mwangi attending to a hjigger infested child
A young volunteers taking care of her peers.


Visit to Wamitaa Primary, Gatundu-13th November 2010
(Family bank joins anti-jigger campaign)

The fight against jiggers continues to attract more partners every day. The Family Bank joined the campaign in Gatundu and promising to continue supporting the project. Family Bank marketing manager Henry Karugu said that they were moved by what he termed as the unforgotten social problem that has affected several rural dwellers. He called on all other corporate bodiesto join the NGO in order to better the lives of those infested. Wamitaa Primary School head teacher, John Ngigi, said that they are concerned by the high drop out rate in the school due to jiggers. He asked the parents to take extra care of the children as this may affect their learning. Family Bank sponsored the event where more than 120 children were treated and supplied with foodstuff.

A man infested with jiggers all his body (Left) and Family Bank volunteers at work (Right)


Nairobi schools visit Gatanga-6th November 2010
(Students join anti-jigger campaign)

More than 120 students from three schools in Nairobi dedicated their weekend by attending to jiggers infested children from the rural areas. 100 children from Gituamba village, Gatanga got a special treat from students of Loreto Msongari, Sunsine and Highway schools. They were accompanied by the newly crowned Miss World Kenya, Natasha Metto who also won the coveted 'Beauty With a Purpose' segment of the 2010 Miss World contest in China for her involvement in fighting jiggers. The exercise was organized by Ahadi Kenya Trust and was held at Gituamba Primary School.

Students from Nairobi schools washing the children (Left) and feeding them (Right)

Anti-jigger Campaign Launch in Bondo- 23rd October 2010
(Ida Odinga asks for a Jigger Awareness Day)

Prime ministers wife, Madam Ida Odinga led an anti-jigger campaign in her rural home Bondo where more than 180 victims were treated of jiggers. Addressing the community at Lwala Primary school, Ida asked the government to set aside a day in our calendar for jigger awareness. She noted that the number of those infested with jiggers is higher than other diseases which already have days and weeks for awareness. She thanked the government for its involvement in the fight against jiggers. This was the first such event which was attended by among others, Ahadi Kenya, the area DC, MOH, Local political leaders and school community.

Jigger infested feet (left) and hands (Right)
Infested Children waiting for treatment (Left) and Ida, Cecilia attending to them (Right)


Administration Police visit Muranga- 16th October 2010
(Move towards police reforms)

Seventy (70) Administration police joined the campaign against jiggers in Maragwa a move seen by many as a step towards Police reforms. Leading the team, Muranga South District police commandant SSP Charles Oketch said that the police should not be feared as they are also human beings with a heart to help. He added that they have been touched by what Ahadi Kenya does and therefore decided to also join in the noble cause.

The officers washed and treated jigger victims to the surprise of many who attended. They later fed the children and distributed foodstuffs to the elderly. The function was held at Ihigaini Primary School in Ngandu Village of Maragwa, Muranga County. More than 150 patients were treated and left with medication for later use. Majority could hardly walk and the community social workers had to provide transport for them.

The police pledged to continue supporting the project as this is one way to help in achieving the millennium goal of 2015.

Administration police office attending to children
Maragwa DO Godfrey Mutegi and Muranga South SSP Charles Oketch


Visit to Mwangalia Estate, Thika- 5th October 2010
(Jigger victim discriminated by neighbours)

A 60 years old jigger infested woman is admitted at Thika District hospital with serious jigger infestation. She was taken to hospital by Police from Ngati police station when she had gone to seek refuge after neighbors chased her away claiming she is unfit to live with other people. The woman has her both legs and hands badly infested that she can hardly walk. Ahadi Kenya has condemned the action warning that whoever discriminates those suffering will be dealt with as is in the new constitution.


The woman's infested foot

Ahadi official consoling the victim

Visit to Gatanga Constituency- 18th September 2010
(Making noise on MDGs)

Kenya may not achieve the millennium Goals 2015 if the reality on the rural areas is anything to go by. Jigger infestation is a major indicator of poverty and hunger. Nobody can claim to be eradicating poverty and extreme hunger without first eradicating poverty. Many children are out of school due to the infestation. Many of them cannot be able to walk as their legs and hands are heavily attacked. Therefore the issue of universal primary education cannot be attained without fighting the menace. Most of the houses we visited have no toilets and people live under very poor conditions of sanitation. Our verdict from the visit was that without eradication of jiggers, achieving the MDGs remains a dream in Kenya.


One and a half year old child hands infested

Children's knees infested

Makeshift toilet used by a family

Volunteers treating children of jiggers

Miss World Kenya 2010 finalists join Anti-jigger drive- 14th August 2010
(Treatment, Fumigation and foodstuff donated)

12 finalists for the Miss World Kenya 2010 joined anti-jigger campaigns in Gatundu as part of the "Beauty With a Purpose" segment of their beauty contest. The objective was to educate them on community responsibility. The beauty queens washed and removed jiggers from children, fumigated their homes to kill jigger-causing fleas, fed the children and distributed foodstuff to their families. Kenya is loosing a lot of beauty queens due to jigger infestation.


Arriving at the village

Washing and treating the children

Fumigating the homestead

Feeding the children


Report from Eldoret North-10th August 2010
(Several children and adults infested)

Several children and adults are suffering from jigger infestation in Langa village,Eldoret North, Rift Valley. The problem has been in the area for such a long time although nothing has ever been done to save the situation. Ahadi Kenya is planning to launch the campaign awareness in a few weeks. Other areas affected by jiggers in Rift Valley include; Bomet, Sotik, Narok, Kericho, Baringo and many more.


Jigger infested feet

Visit to Parliament-6th July 2010
(Parliamentary committee on Health)

After holding a meeting with the African Diplomatic Corps a week ago, Cecilia Mwangi, The Goodwill Ambassador of Ahadi Kenya Trust, led a high-powered delegation of its officials, among them Dr Stanley Kamau, CEO, and Joseph Mathai, Operations Director, to Parliament to meet the parliamentary health committee. The meeting's agenda was to present the committee with some of the serious effects of jiggers in Kenya such as:
- Children dropping out of school
- Spread of HIV Aids and
- People unable to exercise their democratic rights
Ahadi also wanted to invite the members to the ground to see the suffering for themselves.

The Parliamentary committee on was led by The Chairman Dr Hon Robert Monda, MP for Nyaribari Chache ,Vice Chairman Dr Nuh Nasir Ahmed MP for Bura, Hon. (Dr.) David Eseli MP for Kimilili, Hon. Fredrick Outa MP for Nyando, Hon. Sheikh Muhammad Dor nominated M.P represented the committee. Speaking during the meeting, the committee Chairman promised to be part and parcel of the campaign and the committee will look for time and join Ahadi Kenya Trust on the ground sometime soon. On the treatment, he promised to push the Ministry in charge to have a waiver on jigger infested patients while they promised to be Ambassadors of the process in Parliament

The committee promised to hold another meeting with ministry of health officials both Public Health and Medical Services as well as Ministry of Education officials in order to form a partnership in Jigger eradication.


Seated L-R: Chairman Dr Hon Robert Monda,Dr Nur Nassir Ahmed,Dr Esseli Simiyu and Hon Fred Outa. Standing: Joseph Mathai,Cecilia Mwangi and Dr Stanley Kamau

Ahadi Kenya CEO Awarded -3rd July 2010
(Honorary Doctorate of philosophy in humanities)

After three years of fighting jiggers in Kenya and other East African countries, Ahadi Kenya has received a lot of recognition both locally and internationally. With more than six awards so far, the Executive Director and Founder of Ahadi Kenya Dr. Stanley Kamau was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities Degree from United Graduate University, USA. This is in honor of his consistency and passion in helping the needy in East Africa. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Kamau dedicated the honor to all jigger victims in the region. Many people have benefited from this initiative with thousands of children resuming classes after recovering from jiggers. Congratulations!


Dr. Kamau receiving the honor from Prof. Clyde Rivers, Vice Chancellor United Graduate University,(Left) and with Ahadi Kenya officials (Right)

Visit to Machakos-16th June 2010
(Disabled infested with jiggers)

A disabled family of five in Machakos is heavily infested with jiggers. Cases of disability associated with jigger are on the rise in Kenya. The family members have their hands and legs badly damaged. They can badly walk or even feed for themselves. After visiting the area, Ahadi appointed a care giver to look after the family until they fully recover.

Jigger infested hands

Jigger infested hands




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