Why Ambulance Mashinani?

Majority of the poor people living in the rural areas especially those who are physically challenged and have difficulties accessing medical facilities. They cannot walk or afford to pay for transport no matter how cheap nor do they have any means of communication. Most of them are unable to go to hospital while others end up missing on medical appointments and/ or routine health checks. Ambulance Mashinani provides transport to these group of people to and from hospital in dignity.


1. Identification
Ahadi Kenya Trust has a countrywide network of social workers. They identify the patients who are immobile and require urgent medical check-up or treatment.



2. Rescue
Where the patient cannot walk or the Ambulance Mashinani is not able to reach his or her house, the social workers use the detachable bed fitted in the ambulance to carry them.



3. Ambulance Mashinani
The patient is placed in the ambulance which designed to access hard to reach areas. It is equipped with medical supplies and other equipment, including a bed, First-Aid and a child-delivery kits.



4. To Hospital
The patient accompanied by a care giver are ridden to hospital by the social worker. Ambulance Mashinani is covered to prevent the patient from being exposed to wind and dust and it is comfortable.



5. Hospital
On arrival at the hospital, the patient is received by medical personnel. Ambulance Mashinani saves the lives of accident victims, expectant mothers, jigger and disabled persons, etc



6. Treatment
The patient undergoes treatment and thorough check ups. Our social worker and the care giver are given professional advise post treatment.



7. Back Home
After being discharged, the recovering patient is taken back to his or her house. Ambulance Mashinani is also used in case the patient requires to go
back to the hospital again.


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