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'Ahadi' is the Swahili word for 'promise'.

Ahadi Kenya Trust is a Non Governmental Organization started in 2007 and whose major activity is to eradicate jiggers. We work in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Provincial Administration, Corporate bodies, NGO’s, Media and the Community.

Our Vision
A promise for a better, healthier life.

Our Mission
To create a better life for people, a promise to bridge the poverty gap by empowering poor communities

Our Objective
To halt and reverse the spread of jiggers (Tunga penetrans)

Our Network
Kenya - 43 centres
Tanzania - 2 centres
Uganda - 1 centres

Our Achievements
• Created awareness
• Creating jigger infestation awareness in Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania
• Registering over 2.68 million jigger infested Kenyans.
• Opening 43 jigger help centers in Kenya, 1 in Uganda and 2 in Tanzania.
• Provision of treatment and medication to over 350,000 patients.
• Rehabilitation and empowerment of over 250,000 recovered patients.
• Fumigating over 20,000 homesteads.
• Distribution of over 30,000 pairs of shoes, clothing and food in schools and communities.
• Training and educating over 3000 volunteers and social workers.
• Rescuing and referring severe jigger infestation to different hospitals.
• Initiated hygiene clubs in Primary Schools in Kenya.
• Initiating beekeeping and banana planting projects to generate income and break the poverty cycle.
• Creating partnership with all the stakeholders including the government and private sector.

Our Awards
- London Olympics touch bearers 2012
- Children’s Rights Media Awards-26th November 2011
- Marketing Society of Kenya Warrior Award 2011- MSK
- Millennium Developments Goals Awards (MDGs) - 2011
- International African Achievers Awards 2011- AFIA
- Ambassador for peace Award-Universal Peace Federation
- Volunteer involving organisation of the year Award 2010-VOYA
- Volunteer of the year 2010-COSA
- Head of State Commendation (HSC)-President of the Republic of Kenya,2009
- Pure and Nature Award-BIDCO
- Honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy in humanities- Universal University
- Humanitarian of the year award 2009- Laico Regency

The Directors

Message from the Founder

'With over 2.6 million jigger infested Kenyans registered by Ahadi Kenya Trust, I can say jigger infestation is of great concern. Many people have been suffering from jigger infestation in silence. No comprehensive survey has been carried out, making it difficult to give the actual number of those affected.

But the effects of jigger infestation are not vague. With school going children dropping out of school, and the spread of HIV/Aids among the infested through sharing of pins and other removing equipment; these are but just a few of the effects of jiggers infestation. Jigger victims also have to deal with stigmatisation and ridicule, being unable to exercise their voting rights due to disability, poverty and in extreme cases, death.
Jigger infestation, caused by poverty and subsequently lack of proper hygiene, has so far claimed the lives of over 265 people in the last two years. There is no doubt this number could be higher, as most cases go unreported.

Lack of political goodwill has been one of our biggest challenges in the fight against this menace, as political leaders feel embarrassed to come out and talk about jiggers. But our partnership with the Government ministries, especially the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, has boosted the Anti-Jigger campaign. The media, corporate bodies, religious organizations, opinion leaders, as well as support from individual well wishers has been overwhelming.

Through that support, Ahadi Kenya Trust has had the joy of seeing children who a while ago could not walk, get back to school, while adults who depended on handouts get involved in income generating activities. So far, more than 3000 people have been treated and fully rehabilitated. In Kenya, all the eight provinces have reported cases of jigger infestation, with a few isolated cases in Nairobi province. Our neighbouring countries have not been spared either, and are seeking our assistance. As we look forward to completely eradicating jiggers in Kenya by the year 2015, plans are also underway to take jigger eradication campaigns to other African countries soon. Galatians 6:9- 'Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart!'

- Stanley Kamau Maina , HSC

Click here to see a profile of Dr. Kamau on TV's Destiny's Shapers programme

For more information on the project, see.Ahadi Kenya downloads


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News Updates:
30th August 2014: Ahadi Kenya launches village ambulances dubbed AMBULANCE MASHINANI.................2nd August 2014: Over 50 corporate bodies took part in the 3rd Annual Jigger Staircase Relay at KICC...............26th July 2014: Ahadi Kenya launched anti-jigger campaign in Teso North, Busia County............7th April 2014: Nyamira County launches an anti-jigger campaign.............29th March 2014: Ahadi Kenya launches USAFI BORA-ZUIA FUNZA campaign as we celebrate 7 years of jigger eradication.................1st March 2014: Ahadi Kenya takes the anti-jigger campaign to Bungoma County................25th February 2014: Jigger survivors in Kiambu and Muranga benefitting from the livelihood projects.............15th February 2014: Victims of post election violence receive jigger treatment in Eldoret, Uasin Gichu County ...............23rd November 2013: Her Excellency, The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Ahadi Kenya visits Sarah Obama at her home in Kogello..............................More information in the ACTIVITIES section ........................